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Key Concepts

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Support for World in Need supports a Children's Centre in Radauti, and helps students through sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a child in Romania, please contact us.



Volunteers have provided training to young women in hairdressing and other skills, which has given them the opportunity to share these with others and use them to earn a living themselves.


Healthcare and Volunteering:

SFWIN has financially supported a hospital for the mentally ill and provided the equipment needed for an intensive care unit at the Caritas hospital in Bucharest (as seen below). SFWIN has helped to provide funds for healthcare treatment including surgery and provides the funds for medicines when needed. Volunteers have also spent time working within the hospital.



Annual Summer Camp:

We run an annual Summer Camp for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to be given a holiday and spend prayer time with them. To ensure that Christmas is special, SFWIN provides presents, shoes and clothes for disadvantaged families.



"It was the first time we had ever seen the sea. For us, this was the best Summer camp...we were filled with joy”.  - Youth from the Children's Centre.


Transport for children in Day Centre:

In Summer 2009, SFWIN bought a large vehicle to provide essential transport for a Day Centre in Suceava which supports children within the village. This was for necessary trips to hospital, visits to families, and can be used to take the children on excursions. The village has no public transport.