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Former Project: Macedonia

Support for World in Need was helping in Macedonia since the refugee crisis during the Balkans war in 1999 and withdrew from helping in 2011.



Following the emergency needs, SFWIN supported families in Skopje in the longer-term by helping to buy medicines and other essentials, working amongst the poor.



For 12 years, we supported an Orphanage of children run by Mother Theresa's Sisters of Charity. SFWIN worked to find sponsors for the children of this Orphanage to ensure they were given a basic education and provided with a healthy diet. On annual trips, SFWIN members would spend time with the children and pray with them. One of our sponsored children also ended up attending University.




Many of the children that SFWIN was sponsoring in the Orphanage have now left and are working and living independently. Since the longer-term needs of those we were helping in Skopje are no longer necessary, SFWIN made the decision to withdraw from its projects in Macedonia in 2011.