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Former Project: Kosovo

During the Balkans war in 1998-1999, the founder of Support for World in Need received a calling from the Lord to travel to Kosovo during the war and help the children there. Along with her daughter, they travelled together to Kosovo in 1999 and stayed firstly in Macedonia and then went on to Kosovo, staying and working with the local Churches.


After an eventful first visit to distressed families in the region and seeing the damage done to community life, they returned to set up Support for World in Need and began fundraising to support them.


SFWIN then arranged for DHL to drive out a couple of truck loads of warm clothes for the Kosovan villages that Winter, and fundraised to send other emergency items.


Later, supplies were sent for a local unequipped hospital and for medicines in Gracnica.

They returned to Kosovo a year later to monitor the progress then continued to work with the churches to respond to basic needs. Families and children from the poorest backgrounds received financial support. SFWIN also helped to buy a Home for the elderly in Janjevo, who were particularly vulnerable and frightened following the war.


SFWIN withdrew from providing help in Kosovo in 2005 as the communities we were supporting had started to make a recovery from the immediate and short-term effects of the war.