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Former Project: Ghana - Supported by SFWIN 2004-2011.


Food Shortages and Start-up projects:

Support for World in Need worked to respond to food shortages in Ghana with aid and funded self-help projects throughout its time in Ghana. SFWIN provided basic tools for building, reconstruction of a grain warehouse for food storage, provided computers for a vocational centre, a weaving machine, materials for schools, medicine for families and basic supplies.




In 2004, we provided a school with equipment including benches, desks, a blackboard and a kitchen. SFWIN found sponsors for children in Bolgatanga province to support their education and health.



In response to an urgent appeal letter from the local Church in Bolgatanga, SFWIN organised a Ghanaian evening to raise funds for another school. The St Martin de Porres School urgently needed equipment for the children.

A sponsored walk organised by the SFWIN team in June 2009 raised money to send to the children in the St Martin de Porres School in Bolgatanga, in northern Ghana. The school bought 35 benches with desks for the children who were previously sitting on the floor for their classes. The children were very excited to have the furniture in their classes.

However, the school was still in need of slates for the children to write on, reading and study materials and funding for toilets at the school.



Fr Vincent met with the parents of the school and discussed the risks of disease without clean sanitation and access to a toilet. The children were venturing into the bushes, risking scorpion and snake bites, so the parents resolved to dig a pit toilet for the school. Each section of the village was tasked to dig 2 feet at a place close to the school wall. All parents responded well, bringing the community together to work on the project.

During black history month back in the UK, SFWIN invited the community to a Ghanaian evening to celebrate the beauty of African culture and were then able to donate the funds for the cement, iron rods and sand, stones and zinc sheets for the project to be finished.



After supporting Ghana for 7 years, SFWIN withdrew from providing help in 2011.