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Since the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, SFWIN has been supporting families in Sri Lanka. After the immediate needs were met, SFWIN refurbished an Orphanage in Alagolewa, has arranged sponsors for children in Barawakubuka, and has funded start-up projects in Matara and China Bay.


‘I’m very grateful to you for coming to visit my poor family and helping me to uplift my education’. – Asanka.


Orphanage in Sri Lanka officially opened:
St Mary's Home, an Orphanage for 10 boys has been established by SFWIN in the northern region of Sri Lanka. The Orphanage has welcomed a mixture of children who are either Tsunami victims or orphans from poor backgrounds, who are now housed safely and in a healthy environment.


SFWIN is looking for ongoing support for this Orphanage to support the children. Help us by volunteering, fund-raising, praying for our work or follow the donate button above.


I have no words to thank you for such a help. I never forget you...and when I'm also earn money, [I would] also like to help to someone like me".  - Johnathan, Sri Lanka.



Start-up Projects:

In Matara, SFWIN raised funds for a fishing boat to give two families the means to feed themselves for life. Another family was provided with a new engine for their boat, and another with fishing nets.


SFWIN has set up self-help projects in China Bay, including providing two chicken farms, tricycles for transport and a string hopper machine (to sell street food).



Health needs:

SFWIN has been helping with health costs when approached for support.


"I had my by-pass operation three years ago and I have to continue taking treatments so every month I need money for my tests and medicine. As I don't do a job now it is with great difficulty I managed all this time." - Ravith, Sri Lanka



SFWIN is looking for sponsorship for:

  • the 10 children in our established Orphanage in northern Sri Lanka.
  • for a group of University students in Colombo who have appealed for support to complete their studies. If you are interested in sponsoring a student's education or child, please contact us.