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Why should I support SFWIN?

No overheads

In supporting SFWIN you can be assured that any money you donate, or that we raise, goes directly to those who need it.


We respond to appeals for support from the communities we link with, so that aid is given based on requests.


We work with representatives from the local church in the areas that we link with, and receive written reports as to how the money has been spent. Charity members visit the projects, usually on an annual basis to follow-up with projects first-hand.


How can I help SFWIN?

- Join an event

- Fundraising support - organise an event or join one of ours. You are only limited by your imagination!

- Sponsor a child

How do I apply to offer my help to SFWIN?

The following link will give more detail and provide contact information:  Get Involved


Who is suitable to volunteer with SFWIN?

All are welcome. We are happy to take on anyone as a SFWIN volunteer regardless of age, ability, gender, race or religion. The most important qualities are enthusiasm and a strong desire to help the people that SFWIN supports worldwide.