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Some of the achievements of our grassroots work over the past 15 years include the following:





  • Helped to fund a new operating theatre in Gracanica in Kosovo
  • Provided medical equipment to an emergency surgical unit in a hospital in Gracanica.
  • Helped to fund an elderly people's home in Janjevo, Kosovo
  • Funded missing window and door for family in Skopje - also now have 5 new beds to lay on-previously the entire family used just 2 beds
  • In Macedonia, we have provided food hampers, shoes, clothes, and essential medicines for families living in poverty
  • Bought Christmas presents for our sponsored children in Macedonia and those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Sponsored children in Macedonia to see them through school.



  • Run annual children's holiday in the mountains for disadvantaged youth with fun activities
  • Donated medical supplies and provided funds for intensive care unit
  • Provided funds for medical treatment including help for a lady who was blind with cataracts, which cleared up after her operation, provided medical treatment for a young girl, and the funds for one man to have cancer removed.
  • Ran vocational training course on massage and hairdressing
  • Provided a computer for a family to use as a source of income
  • Provided funds for shoes, clothes, and Christmas presents for children living in poverty
  • Bought a vehicle for transport for a Day Care Centre in Suceava
  • Sponsorship of children



  • Relief for flood victims in Ghana
  • Funded chairs, benches, blackboards and slates for school as well as a vocational craft centre
  • Provided funds for families living in poverty
  • Sponsorship of children
  • Successful sanitation project with building toilet for local school, bringing the community together.


Sri Lanka:

  • Tsunami relief - providing toiletries, clothes, etc.
  • Provided a fishing boat for 2 families with an outboard and nets, and helped repair another boat for two other families, bought fishing nets for other families
  • Two additional families supplied with poultry farms
  • Raised the money to build an Orphanage for 20 boys
  • Set up self-help projects, including providing computers, tricycles, a string hopper machine (to sell street food), carpentry tools, sewing machines.
  • Sponsorship of children and students
  • Establishment of an Orphanage, St Mary's Home in northern Sri Lanka in 2011
  • Taking groups of disadvantaged youth on a short holiday and days out.



  • Provided a Christmas Day lunch with music on 25th December 2013 and 2014 for people living alone or who would otherwise be lonely at Christmas.



    Other Support provided by SFWIN:


  • Provided funds for street children in Russia


  • Sponsored a family living in Zagreb for 2 years and provided funds for other families in Croatia living in poverty
  • Donated funds for the homeless and those in need.


  • Provided sponsorship for students in Lagos, and bought a sewing machine. One student is now a teacher.
  • Provided funds for a water project


  • Donation for flood relief for nutrition centre and orphanage in Honduras


  • Supported those suffering with HIV/AIDS within the UK; provided funds to help related projects