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Support for World in Need’s visit to Sri Lanka – October 2015

SFWIN visited Sri Lanka in October 2015 to check on the progress of our projects and to take the boys from the Orphanage in the north of Sri Lanka on a short holiday to Colombo. The boys were taken out to visit Sea World and the Cathedral. They were very excited to visit the capital city for the first time.

SFWIN visited the students who the charity sponsors who are progressing well. Some of their feedback is below:

‘I’m very grateful to you for coming to visit my poor family and helping me to uplift my education’. – Asanka.


‘I am very grateful to you…My parents are dumb and deaf and my father is paralysed. He can’t do anything…just sitting. Thank you for your scholarship aid…I appreciate your kindness towards the poor children’. – Rushani.


SFWIN also took a group of disadvantaged children who the charity sponsors on a day out in Southern Sri Lanka. The visit included a trip to local museums.

‘I thank you with the bottom of my heart for the support… Thank you who brighten my life’. – Lavindra.

‘Thank you very much for showing me God’s goodness through your kind heart’. – Vidula.


Summer Camps in Romania - July 2015

Volunteers from SFWIN went to Romania in July 2015 to run a week's long massage course within the local Church, as well as spending time with the elderly and in a nursery.



SFWIN then funded a Summer Camp for 34 children. The activities included walks in the forest, games with volunteers, singing, Indian dance taught by one of our team, and a party every night organised by the children.The time away also included swimming which was something some of the children had never done before.


"Some of the youth had never experienced this before...Thank you for the love and generosity you give us". - Letter of thanks from the team and children.




Christmas Day lunch - 25th December 2014

On Christmas Day 2014, SFWIN held a festive free lunch in Ipswich, UK for those living alone or who would otherwise be lonely on Christmas Day. The lunch included a traditional turkey followed by Christmas pudding and cake.



Sri Lanka visit – September 2014


SFWIN members visited the families and children supported by SFWIN during a visit to Sri Lanka in September 2014, including those who were suffering from long-term sickness and those in bereavement.


“I can’t thank you enough for your generous concern and support at a time when I am in a desperate situation with a kidney problem…It means a lot to me since I am not able to do a proper job now, I find very difficult to meet the expenses of my medical bills as well as the education of my two kids. So your generosity has made a great difference in the life of my family.”    - Roshan, Sri Lanka




The SFWIN team visited the Orphanage supported by SFWIN as well as the students who are supported through sponsorship for their education and basic needs.


“Your support helped me a lot….Thanking you…for your generosity and dedication to the life of the poor. I too expect in future to give my support to the needy.” - Sara, a student receiving sponsorship, Sri Lanka.


Youth Summer Camp – Romania 2014


SFWIN sponsored another Summer Camp for the youth in Romania, in July 2014. Around 30 youth, aged 9 – 16 were taken to the seaside, with a programme of various activities including drama and dance.


“It was the first time we had ever seen the sea. For us, this was the best Summer camp...we were filled with joy”. - Youth from the Children's Centre







Romania Summer Camps - June 2013

Another successful Summer camp for the youth was held at a hostel in a mountainanous region of Romania, allowing the youth opportunities for walking, exploring, and creative activities.

"We are very grateful for everything you did for us." - Taken from letter written by youth who attended the Summer camp.

Our founder gave a basic massage course for one week for those who were interested; much of the workload is manual in their region and the massage course provided a useful instruction for helping others.

The youth were very keen to learn and greatly enjoyed the Summer camp and massage course.

", kids of the Center we want to thank you from our hearts and souls in which you planted only good things in it". - Taken from letter written by youth who attended the Summer camp.





Sri Lanka visit - January 2013

During her visit to Sri Lanka, our founder met with the school children who the charity sponsors in Negombo; their academic reports were very encouraging.

A visit to Barawakabuka included a meeting with another group of children sponsored through SFWIN. The founder met with the children on a one-to-one basis to discuss their progress. The children were very grateful for the support from the charity as the extra support for food, educational materials and uniforms helped them to achieve their goals at school.

Other students who have been sponsored through SFWIN have gone on to qualify academically to be able to now seek work to help themselves and their families, many promising to also help others in difficult circumstances once they themselves are financially independent.

"I have no words to thank you for such a help. I never forget you...and when I'm also earn money, [I would] also like to help to someone like me".  - Johnathan, Sri Lanka.

One of the girls who was sponsored through SFWIN has now left school and made it through to University. Many of the sponsored children are sitting for their A-level exams this year with prospects of going on to learn trade skills to support their families or depending on grades, to go on to university.

SFWIN also donated a mixture of musical instruments for the children at the Orphanage.