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The Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity that works to create greater value for charities. They have a scheme that allows individuals to donate via Give As You Earn.

How does it work?

Opening a CAF Charity Account allows donors to make secure, online donations to genuine, charitable organisations. Every penny you donate is Gift Aided which means you end up with 23p more to give for every £1 you put in your account.

Many employers offer a payroll Give As You Earn scheme.

If an employee gives £10 to charity, this is matched with a £10 by the employer. Due to the tax relief at source, it would typically cost the employee around £8, but £20 would go to the charity.

The benefits for the employer include a reduced tax bill – they don’t have to pay Corporation Tax on the money they use to match employee giving and it raises the company’s profile and generates positive PR. Payroll giving is a simple and highly tax-effective way for individuals to donate to charities on a regular basis.

To join Give As You Earn, your employer will need to be running a scheme. Find out if your employer offers Give As You Earn, or  ask CAF to contact them if they don't.

How to make regular Give As You Earn Donations to Support For World in Need

Complete the form in the link below adding the Charity Commission registration number 1080537 for Support For World in Need

Download the Give As You Earn direct donation form (.pdf, 80.8KB)


The CAF website gives more details of the Give As You Earn Scheme